Sunday, August 12, 2012

Learning to Hack

Its been 2 days now and the folks at mozilla has not replied to my emails.Thus i have dropped my hopes of voluntering for now.

But as a day comes to a close, a new dawn unfolds.As you know i am quite interested in learning some programming skills,so i thought to myself; why not be a hacker?After searching the web for hacking info,i found a good article about hacking through google which contains tips, hacker codes of ethiuqe, and steps to become a hacker.I wont post the link here because if you search 'how to be a hacker' on google, you will find it on the first page.(trust me).

As an author which needs to know how to wrtie, a hacker needs to know to program.But since i have NO programming skills whatsoever i need to learn from scratch.Python, the "easiest" of the computer languages should be the one i need to learn.After looking around at i know that i am in for some trouble.My simple brain just cannot comprehend the complexity of programming.

But maybe this is just one of those things that you must look into to really understand? Who knows, maybe i could master it?! Okay, off to terminal on my mac!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anxiously waiting (NOT)

I've recieved a reply from the folks at mozilla QA department yesterday litterally after i finished the previous post i made yesterday.Miss Marcia Knous asked me what kind of volunteer work would i like to do.Here is the email she sent me yesteday.


Would you let me know what projects and tasks you would like to help out with? We need help with many different QA projects such as Desktop Firefox, Firefox for Android, Boot to Gecko, Thunderbird, Websites, and more. In these projects, we need help on many different tasks such as running manual tests, writing test automation, and more.

Let me know what projects and tasks you would like to help out with by replying to this email. Our QA team will follow up and help you get started.

For more information on how you can get involved, check out these links below:

  * Desktop Firefox:
  * Firefox for Android:
  * Boot to Gecko:
  * Thunderbird:
  * Web QA:
  * QA Events:

We hope to hear back from you on how you can help us make Mozilla products better!

Marcia Knous

QA Community Lead
Mozilla Corporation

And here is the reply i sent her.


Thank you for answering so fast,Firstly i would like to note that i DONT have any proggramming skills whatsoever.I do a little html writing but thats it,i am mostly interested in trying the firefox desktop projects because right now its the only thing im very familiar with(because i use it everyday).If you guys have an iphone version of the firefox browser i would love to help out test them also.

Keanu nurherbyanto
But alas a few moments later i recieved an email from the yahoo mailer daemon saying that my email was unsended because of a "relay access denied" error.So this time i resent the email to the reply address and also to one of the QA team head Mr Juan B.

For now let us wait for a response if there are any...

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Time To Start Voluntering

Its been awhile since i've done something productive and the only "productive" thing i do for the last couple of months is watching youtube videos.But watching videos on youtube would need a web browser, and i happen to use my favourite open source web browser.... the Mozilla Firefox!.

Because i've been known to use firefox almost on a daily basis, heck why not sign up as a quality assurance (tester) for some new mozilla releases! and so i did.I sign up for quality assurance and right now my application is being processed by the folks at mozilla.

For now i will just have to wait for a respond from the application i filled out,until then...Back to youtube!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dragons dogma vs Skyrim (a never ending battle)

i used to play dragons dogma just like you...
A couple of weeks ago i made a quick review about the new RPG game Dragons dogma developed by Capcom.But now after playing the game for awhile, the tides may turn on this battle for RPG supremacy on my ps3.

As the beginning of the Ramadhan fasting month begins tomorow, i suddenly have the urge to play Skyrim again starting for scratch.Dont get me wrong, dragons dogma was a pretty decent game on its own.Its got a nice battle system, decent graphics, and an open world gameplay that lets us venture the games landscape as much as we want.But theres one thing that made dragons dogma boring for me:storyline

Dragons dogma has an akward story system, a "you could miss certain quest at a certain time if you do or dont do this quest" scenario while in skyrim most quest can be done prior to main story completion or post completion.The battle system in dragons dogma is okay because it adds a bit of arcade style 'hack and slash' to brighten the game up.But even the best of battles gets old because of an otherwise mediocre storyline that gets old FAST.

...and then i took an ice block to the head
Skyrim has the upperhand on dragons dogma when it comes to the storyline.It has a deep lore that extends between its past serries but is interesting enough to make new elder scrolls players understand and loves the storyline in the elder scrolls universe.Skyrim also scores a point from me because there are no "you could miss certain quest at a certain time if you do or dont do this quest" scenario, all of the quest can be completed if you had finished or have not finished the main storyline.

And so the story ends for the battle of the RPG's with skyrim winning my attention once more to keep me busy for at least another month....or maybe another 5 more who knows?. The interesting story of chasing dragoons and the occasional Fuus-roh-daah's triumphs against mounting griffins  and hiring pawns from another dimension.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Griffin Armor case

A few months ago my mum and dad bought me a new iPhone and they also bought me a case to protect the phone from scratch.I expected them to buy me the case also, but i didnt expect them to buy me this big chunk of a hardshell to protect my phone.

The griffin armor case is indeed a military grade case,It consists of a plastic shell and a silicone outer skin.The silicone covers everything from the usb port untill the camera and the headphone jack.A double prrotect system makes the iPhone look like a bulky gps rather than a sleek smartphone.

Griffin claims the armor case could wistance shock from falling to the ground and minor resistance to splashing water and mud.Although i've never experience the water resistancy of the case, i did get a chance to see the shock resistant case in action.I slipped my phone from my desk and it fell right on its screen, but the phone's screen and the case itself is holding on and no scratches were seen.

Although the case has a major safety plus, it has its drawbacks.For starters the case is bulky, its even bulkier than my old 3g's case and this one is the newer one! The plastic case has a frame that keeps the phone's screen away from the ground, but it is also a barrier for your fingger to reach the edge of the screen (if you want to switch rearrange your apps and u want to put "this" app on "that" page).The case however did not dissort the phones ability to send or recieve signals.


Overall the Griffin case is a good companion over the last couple of months, because it makes me feel a bit at ease if i accidenttally drop my phone to flat ground.Although it cant survive an attack from a car wheel, it is still okay to use for day to day "accidents" or other misunfotunate events.For more info on the Griffin armour case, head on down to .


Monday, July 2, 2012

Dragons dogma , the japaneese skyrim

Skyrim was THE game that redefined open world role playing games.Everyone was talking about them , some say that skyrim was the best rpg game that ever was.Then a couple of months later Capcom released its own open world rpg game entitled ; Dragons Dogma.

Dragons dogma places you in a world where distance between places are days apart, the roads are filled with bandits by day and the undead by night, and a kingdom that is in a hard time.You are the Arisen, the chosen one that will vangquish the evil Dragon that is terrorizing the kingdom.Your heart has been eaten by the dragon ( literally ) and you set off to take arms against the dragon.

Dragons dogma utilizes an arcade style battle system that is fun and fast.Swords swing strongly,and the bow by far is THE best bow system i've ever experienced.You start off early in the game as one of the 3 basic classes or jobs;fighter, strider, and mage.I chose to be a strider because i wanted the bow :p.The next best thing about Dragons dogma is the aility to climb large foes and attack every part of their body individually,just like shadow of the collosus.

Dragons dogma is beautifull, the scenery of the hills and Sunsets by the beaches are outstanding.But the Dragons dogma universe is only available to be travelled on foot.I have yet to find a quick travel way in the game but who knows what Capcom has under its sleeve?So travelers bewarned; stack up on curivatives and lantern oil flask's before you set off on far quest's.

Dont expect to fight dragons in this game yet because all the monsters you faced early in the game are not dragons.And unlike skyrim where dragons appear frequently random as you walk around the world, dragons in Dragons Dogma are rare encounters and is harder to kill, but then again if your at a higher level then you have nothing to worry.

Dragons dogma and skyrim are both diffrent games and they both have their streghts and weakneses.After playing skyrim for 2 months non stop for 5 hours a day i wasn't sure if i liked Dragons dogma, but his game is startin to grow on me.Dragons dogma is worthy of a try for all you rpg lovers out there and it has deserve a good score in my record books.Dragons dogma is available for both xbox360 and ps3.



I've recently started to blog a lot (although i've blogged a bit before and filled it with what some people may find whimsycal and pointless) but not from an iPad.Blogging from an ipad not a fun process because it can be a pain in the azz trying to type and make use of the other blog tools such as inserting url's.

For example I typed the previous blog post regarding the new iPad from my iPad 2 ( Sad isn't it?) and i check my blog and the post wasnt there,it just diddnt publish.I recheck on my macbook and found out that he post was typed diffrently than the way i did on the iPad , url's were missing , line breaks were gone , and the major problem which was that the post diddnt even publish.

The problems i encountered were maybe mere bugs from blogger but pissed me off because i had to republish from my laptop.So i surfed the web for an iPad blogging app and found Blogsy.


Blogsy looks stunning but looks comment aside , blogsy has the ability to edit text,add pictures,and add url to your blog posts.It works just like that blog post edit page that you used to work with if you blog on your computer.You can also view pages on Safari web browser while your in Blogsy just in case you need to take a peak at some "materials" to write in your blog.

Blogsy is available on the app store for 5$.